Descendants of John Adams and Elizabeth Naylor (Nailor) of Charles Co., Md., later Fauquier Co. Va.

This web page is prepared by Clifford Fenton Adams, Crestview Hills, KY 10/2003. This work may contain errors and only my direct line appears in detail. Please contact me if you have information pertaining to relatives prior to John Adams and Elizabeth, (daughter of George Nailor), of England, probably Worcestershire. According to Alice Cates, "Working against you is that John Adams was located in the part of Prince George County that was Calvert prior to the formation of Prince George about 1696 and the early Calvert records have been lost." During the war of 1812, the county court house and jail were burned.

The John and Sarah Stacy Gibbons Adams family plantation house still stands in Fauquier County, Virginia. Sandy Onbey had some nice photos, but she is now deceased. More pictures are welcome! And please write if you are a relative.

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The Adams Coat of Arms, at left, was prepared for Julian B. Adams, MD. It depicts a red panther atop a red and gold ducal or marqess crown, atop a silver tilting helmet decorated with a red cross and jewel. The mantle is azure and silver. The shield is silver with pines, a small badge, in chief, bearing the head of a panther, and three panthers, en passant, in pale. The motto is "Aspire, Persevere, and Indulge Not." Perhaps the coat of arms will provide a clue as to our English ancestors; panthers on the shield are said to be rare.

Motto: "Aspire, persevere, and indulge not"

University of Notre Dame Heraldic Dictionary here.


John Adams and Elizabeth Naylor:

Husband: John Adams - Birth: About 1677 Note 1 . Place: Possibly Worcestershire, England. Death: About 1741 Place: Charles Co Md
Marriage: About 1718 Place: Charles Co Md
Wife: Elizabeth Nailor 2 - Birth: Place: Possibly Prince George Co. - Death: Place: Charles Co Va
        (Father: George Nailor (1654-?) Mother: Possibly Susannah Unknown) (A "nailor" was a maker of nails, a popular industry in Worcestershire in the 1600's).
Children -
1. John Adams Birth: 19 Feb 1718 Place: Charles Co Md Death: 28 May 1781 Place: Fauquier Co Va
                  Spouse: Sarah Stacy Gibbons Marriage: 3 Jan 1743 Place: Charles Co MD
2. Richard Adams
3. Thomas Randolph Greenfield Adams Spouse: Elizabeth Swan
4. Luke Adams Death: 1748
5. George Adams Birth: About 1725 12

First Generation:

John Adams and Sarah Stacey (Gibbons) Adams of Fauquier County, Virginia.
Their children:

John Adams. Died 1781. He married Sarah Stacy (Gibbons) Adams.
They had the following children:
i. John Adams;
ii. George Adams
iii. Ann Adams;
iv. James Adams;
v. Littleton Adams;
vi. Thomas Adams [this preparer's (Cliff Adams) family line]
vii. Susannah Adams; Born 1758.
viii. Elizabeth Adams, born in 1754, married to Thomas Smith (these are my ancestors also, because their daughter, Harriet Smith, married her first cousin, Peter Adams. Hence, I am a double Adams, through two children of John Adams and Sarah Stacy Gibbons, their son Thomas, and their daughter Elizabeth.) (It turns out every single one of us who have got into genealogy in this family descend from two branches through the marriage of cousins!)
ix. Josiah Adams (Robert Gaebler descends from both Josiah Adams and his brother George Adams, both children of John Adams and Sarah Stacy Gibbons).

Virgina home of John and Sarah
The Virginia home of John and Sarah still stands.

ADAMS plantation house
Front view of the John and Sarah Stacy (GIBBONS) ADAMS plantation house. This home is approximately 230 years old and is still in use today. The home is on Hwy 724 outside of Delaplane. Photographed and contributed by Sandy Onbey, 22 June, 1999.

Second Generation:

John Adams; He married Elizabeth (unknown name).

George 3 Adams. He married Nanny Parker, 1769.
They had the following children:
i. Mary Adams;

Littleton Adams 4; Born 1752 in Md. Died 1834 in Va. He married Elizabeth Ash, 1779. Born 5 Mar 1779. Died 1791. Rev. War soldier.

James Adams;

Thomas Adams. Born 1756 5. Died 1832 6. He married Rebecca Wood. They had the following children:
i. Thomas T. Adams
ii. Peter Adams
iii. Elizabeth Adams; She married Nimrod Ashby.

Third Generation:

Thomas T. Adams. He married Letitia Smith (Cousin).
They had the following children:
i. Thomas T. Adams;
ii. Jane Letitia Adams;

Peter Adams. Born 1786. He married Harriet B. Smith (Cousin). Born 1788. They had the following children:
i. Adelade E. Adams; Born 18 May 1817. Died 14 Nov 1869. She married Wm. R. Glasscock.
ii. Fenton Thomas Adams

Fourth Generation

Fenton Thomas 7 Adams. Born 9 Jul 1808 in Fauquier Co Va. Died 8 Jan 1858 in Lewis Co Ky. Buried 1858 in Lewis Co Ky. He first married Ann Elizabeth 8 Smith. They had the following children:
i. Esten Randolph Adams
ii. Ed Adams; 8
iii. Peter Adams MD;
iv. Fenton Thomas Adams; Born 1846. Died 1868 10.
v. Ella Adams; She married Peter Conner.
Fenton Thomas second married "Grandma" Clarke11, 13 Oct 1840. Born 9 Jul 1824 in Fauquier Co Va. Died 14 Sep 1898 in Lewis Co Ky.

Fifth Generation:

Esten Randolph Adams. Born 28 Feb 1856. Died 11 Feb 1913. He married Cynthia Shaner, 13 Oct 1880. Died 20 Jan 1933. They had the following children:

i. Emma Adams;
ii. Gypsy Adams; married 3 times, no children. When I spoke with her, she was in her 90's, very sharp witted, and characteristically blunt and outspoken.
iii. Clifford Connor Adams
iv. Mildred Adams;
v. Helen Adams; her daughter, Bettye Marmor, traced the Adams family back to John and Elizabeth in order to join the DAR.
vi. Kathryn Adams; She married Dr. Gillam, Covington, KY
vii. Peter Adams; Born 1893. Died 1941.
viii. Fenton Thomas Adams MD; Note 13 He first married Evelyn (Divorce). Fenton Thomas second married Else Schwerin.

Clifford Conner Adams


Sixth Generation:

Clifford Conner Adams. Born 11 Mar 1887. He worked on the railroad. Died Sep 1931 in Kenton Co Ky. from fatal injuries from a fall from a ladder.

He married Julia W. Stamper, 11 Oct 1913 in Greenup Co Ky. She died 27 Dec 1949.

They had the following children:

i. Charles Clifford Adams DMD
ii. Julian Bertram Adams MD

Julian, Dr. Fenton T. Adams, MD, and Charles (my father) Note 13


Seventh Generation:

Charles Clifford Adams DMD. Born 8 Sep 1914 in Haverhill Oh. Died 6 Dec 1976 in Kenton Co Ky.
Occupation Dentist. Education University Of Louisville.
He married Anna Ruth Feagan. Born 28 Apr 1913. Died 24 May 2000 in Kenton Co Ky. Education Midway Junior Colloege
They had the following children:

i. Clifford Fenton Adams (preparer of this web site, resides in Kenton Co. Ky.)
ii. James Eston DMD Adams ("Maysville's Friendly Dentist" resides in RIpley, Ohio.)
iii. Julia Ann Adams (m. Patrick Preziosi, resides in Kenton Co. Ky.) email

Julian Bertram Adams. Died 1968 in Hamilton Co Tn. He married Nowoka Colston of Tn. They had the following children:
i. Barbara Ellen Adams (resides Chattanooga, Tn, Hamilton Co.) never married
ii. Charles Colston Adams, Occupation MD (resides Lookout Mtn, Tn, Hamilton Co.) married Margaret "Molly" Wallace
iii. Steven Julian Adams (resided Ga.) deceased

Eighth Generation:


Clifford Fenton Adams. Born 14 Aug 1949 in Jefferson Co, Lousiville, Ky. Occupation - Musician; and Assistant Professor, College-Conservatory Of Music, Univ Of Cincinnati - RETIRED 2018.

He married Lorna Tod Yates, 3 Aug 1973. Born 10 Nov 1954 in Harrison Co Ky. They had the following children:
i. Clifford Fenton Adams, Jr. (Birth certificate indicates "II" in stead of "Jr." honoring mother-in-law's request);
ii. Andrew Charles Adams

At right, Lorna and Cliff Adams, December 2003

James Eston Adams, DMD. Born 8 Jun 1951 in Jefferson Co Ky. Occupation Dentist. Education University Of Louisville. He married Elizabeth Brooke Kaiser. They had the following children:
i. Eston Dylan Adams;
ii. Samantha Brooke Adams.

Julia Ann Adams. Born 2 Nov 1954 in Kenton Co Ky. Occupation Teacher. Education M.A. Xavier University, Cincinnati.
She first married Howard Van Ness, 1973 in Kenton Co Ky. Divorced. They had the following children:
i. Sidney Van Ness;
She second married Patrick Preziosi 18 April 1981. They had the following children:
i. Sophia Rose Preziosi.

Ninth Generation:

Brothers Adams, Clifford and Andrew

Clifford Fenton Adams, Jr. He married Jessica Lena Sternheim of NYC in Long Island NY. Divorce.They had the following children:
i. Micaela Brooke Adams;
ii. Lily Grace Adams;

with Monica Orejuela, born Lima, Peru, had one child:
iii. Stefano Julian Adams-Orejuela; Born 29 December, 2011, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Andrew Charles Adams. He married Anna May McAlonan in Dec, 2001 in Kenton Co, KY. They had the following children:
i. John William "Jack" Adams; born Kenton County, Kentucky, July 11, 2006.
ii. Emma
iii. Evan
iv. George


Note 1: No one is sure who John's father is. Sandy Onbey: "Bob Gaebler's book on John Adams and Elizabeth Nailor of Charles County Maryland tells us that John's father was once thought to be "a descendant of the Littleton family of England." However, this from Bob Gaebler suggests that is not the case: "...regarding the origin of John Adams in England... I did in fact find a lot, and even stood at the grave of the fabled "Catherine Littleton" in the grave yard of the chapel at Hagley Hall, the ancestral home of the Littletons. I also spent a whole day with the Littleton Family historian pouring through old records at Hagley Hall looking for an Adams connection. I found none, and maybe that is what Sandy meant. But the fact that I found none when it should have been there, and all the other information I found, overwhelmingly suggests that the Littleton connection is untrue."

NEW INFORMATION -- 28 January, 2019. Kent Kuddes of Plano, TX has done some research. Apparently, one John I. Adams of Maryland married Catherine Littleton, daughter of Sir Thomas Littleton, 2nd Baronet of Stoke St. Milborough I believe I shall henceforth require folks to refer to me as 'yer 'oliness.'

ALSO -- Our second son, Andrew, has also done some research: "I stopped at Thomas Adams (born 1304!) and his wife, Jane Inge (born 1312)." More to come...


Note 2 : a). I have the Sierra Generations family tree software, which includes historical immigration data on cd. It shows an Elizabeth Nailor who immigrated in 1744. Immigration also lists two people named Elizabeth Naylor in 1700; one at age 18 and one at age 26. Perhaps ours was mis-spelled Naylor.
b). cousin Bettye Marmor Holloway's DAR application uses the Nailor spelling. There is a handwritten notation that says: quote - - " I. John Adams m. Elizabeth Nailor d. 1741 in Charles Co. Md. 3rd John Adams came from England about 1700 " - - end quote

Note 3: Revolutionary War soldier Reference

Note 4: There is no reason to believe that the Adams are related to the Littletons. Yet, the name appears here.

Note 5: Md. Reference

Note 6: Va. Reference

Note 7: Aunt Gypsy said he "Came To Lewis Co Ky in an ox cart."

Note 8: m. 13 Oct 1840. Aunt Gypsy said Ed was "a drunk."
Aunt Gypsy was tiny, with black hair and fair complexion. At age ninety-five, she could still shoot a chipmunk off her fence with her .22 rifle. She outlived three or four husbands.

Note 9: One was killed; Gypsy was characteristically blunt, and by modern standards offensive, so I will paraphrase her remark; 'this person was allegedly killed by person(s) of African-American descent.'

Note 10: Gypsy told me, "He drowned following an argument with grandma" (likely Grandma Clarke).

Note 11: Gypsy told me, "Grandma Clarke was "mean-tempered and liked her demijohn, but she was admired."

Note 12: George was "born after 1724, as he was not yet 16 years of age when father wrote will in 1740." Source: a handwritten notation on Bettye's DAR application.

Note 13: Fenton Thomas Adams, MD, Latonia, Kentucky

This is the notorious, and beloved in his community, 'Doc Fenton' or Dr. Fenton Thomas Adams MD of Latonia, Kentucky. He sold his tobacco crop and decided to use the money to enroll in medical school at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. In time, Fenton was barred from the hospital surgery due to drunkenness, and he then established a surgery in his home at the corner of 38th Street and Lincoln Avenue in Lationa. During the war, he gave every soldier who came to his office a silver dollar and charged nothing for the treatment. He supplied coal for the furnaces at the orphanage. Fenton was extremely blunt and often rude, but to this day he is held in high regard by those who remember him. Fenton is buried at Blackoak, Kentucky, in the family graveyard plot at the church.

In recent years, I called a repairman to my home. He asked if I were kin to Doc Fenton, and when I confirmed that I was, he refused to charge me for his service!

He is remembered also as the person who ran over the fountain in the center of the five-street confluence known as Ritte's Corner in Latonia. He ran over it once with his model T Ford and the town repaired and replaced it. Dr. Adams ran over it a second time, they repaired and repositioned it on the sidewalk. He ran up over the sidewalk and hit it a third time, whereupon they put it away in storage. In recent years, it has been restored to an area on the sidewalk at Ritte's Corner, and so far there have been no incidents (although I must confess to some temptation - in honor of 'Uncle Doc'). Ritte's Corner and the fountain are now on the National Historic Register.

Ritte's Corner fountain Note 14: Dr. Fenton Thomas Adams encouraged both of his nephews (my father and his brother, Julian, to study medicine: Julian became an MD and practiced medicine in Chattanooga, and my father practiced dentistry in Covington, Kentucky.