Endlessly by Pat McInally and Cliff Adams

Imagine our son Andy's surprise when he found an autographed copy of my old record from 1982, "Endlessly" in a record shop, as a collectible, at $99. (Heck, I've got one around here somewhere I'll sign and sell him for only $49.95).

Or you might find one for sale on eBay.

Former Cincinnati Bengals Punter and Wide Receiver, and Harvard All-American, Pat McInally, and I wrote the song. I produced the record and brought in Rick Fox on lead guitar, Ray Yancy on bass, and Rick "Bam" Powell, who laid down amazing drum tracks. I hired the legendary Bill Halverson to record and mix it at Rich Goldman's Fifth Floor recording studio, and it got airplay on 23 local radio stations.

UPDATE 2023: Sean Ross sent me a link to an old Q-102 Radio playlist. Our little record was in good company!

It didn't hurt that the BENGALS WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL THAT YEAR! WKRC, WARM 98, and WKRQ added the record, and to place it at #9 on the Q-102 FM playlist, they held back Billy Joel's "Allentown" for a week.

We got writeups in People and in Sports Illustrated, so yes, I had my fifteen minutes of fame. In Cincinnati, Pat arranged autograph sessions at Shillito's department stores, and Chris Collinsworth, Ken Anderson, Archie Griffin, and Pete Johnson made appearances with us at the various stores. (I was asked more than once which position I played. McInally would answer, "Missionary.").

I wish had taken more photos. Ah, memories, and now, the Collectibles bin.